“Today is tomorrow” activities program. May 2022

The following exhibitions are contemplated, as we have pointed out in the introductory text, within the framework of LAVAC’s collaboration with València Capital del Diseño 2022. This selection responds to the criteria promoted by New European Bauhaus (NEB) from broad creative perspectives. Sustainability, inclusion and diversity, participation and collectivity or innovation, among others, are issues addressed by the programme of exhibitions and activities put forward by the galleries, whose selection we will highlight here according to a monthly programme.

MAY 2022

  • Alba Cabrera Gallery. Diásporas naturales [Natural Diasporas]. Tatiana Blanqué. From May 5th to May 4th
  • Cànem Gallery (Castellón). Cuando el paisaje estremece [When the landscape shudders]. Antonio Alcaraz. 30th April to 2nd June
  • Gabinete de dibujos. Roberto Mollá. Alien hunter. Until May 6th
  • Jorge López Gallery. Monumento [Monument]. Matías Ercole. Until the 17th of June
  • Luis Adelantado Gallery:
    • Unearth Tomorrow. Ting-Ting Cheng. From March 23rd  to May 6th
    • Elige todo [Choose everything]. Carlos Fernández-Pello. From March 24th  to May 6th
    • ACTIVITIES. Artist Talk with the artist Ting-Ting Cheng. 5.05 at 19:00h
  • Rosa Santos Gallery. Carta de Quebrados [Broken Colour Chart].Chema López. March 23rd to May 20th
  • Set Espai d’Art. Animal lamina. Isidro Ferrer. From April 1st to June 4th
  • La Mercería. Scapeland. Pedro Kouba. Until the 17th of June
  • Shiras Gallery. Tresor: Anna Herrgott, Jens Gussek, Jesse Magee, Ibrahim Erdogan and Judith Röder. Until May 6th
  • Vangar Gallery. La repetición [The repetition]. Pol Pinto. From  April 29th to June 25th

ALBA CABRERA GALLERY. Diásporas naturales [Natural Diasporas]. Tatiana Blanqué. From May 5th to May 4th

With the project Diásporas naturales [Natural Diasporas], Tatiana Blanqué proposes an approach to the landscape in order to visualise its fragility. The conflicts between the urban and, in contrast, the natural, mark the drift of a group of paintings and works on paper in which the artist applies different techniques. Lines, stains, splashes and drips pass from canvas to paper, to end up adhering to latex gloves and thus express the precariousness of the natural environment.


CÀNEM GALLERY (Castellón). [When the landscape shudders]. Antonio Alcaraz. 30th April to 2nd June

In this ex

Antonio Alcaraz resorts to industrial archaeology to map our surroundings, the space of abandonment. A territory subjected to constant transformations in which architecture shows its greatest fragility amidst waste and ruins. For this project he resorted to the mining axis of the northern region of Jaén: Linares-La Carolina, whose contemplation is scaled to other places, those of the contemporary condition. Different languages and materials (photography, painting, graphite, metals and plastics) are amalgamated to diagnose the disappearance of industrial heritage.


GABINETE DE DIBUJOS.  Alien hunter. Roberto Mollá. Until May 6th

Roberto Mollá places us in one of the paradigmatic cities of modernity, Tokyo. Making use of drawing, the artist presents the cartography of a city that we recognize even never having been there. From archives on the wall, various stimuli from cinema, literature, comics and music are projected onto tables and other walls that have shaped the heritage of a future that is always past.


LUIS ADELANTADO GALLERY. Unearth Tomorrow. Ting-Ting Cheng. 24.03—6.05

In the exhibition Unearth Tomorrow, Ting-Ting Cheng presents a series of photographs that lead the viewer to reconstruct a territory that could have been between Taiwan and San Salvador in Tuman. An imagination in which the viewer, turned into an explorer, is summoned to build bridges between cultures and historical moments, as a way of identifying an ever-changing present.

A potential view in 1626, 2021
on photographic paper Ilford Galerie Satín de 260 grs
47 x 62 cm c/u
Photo: David Zarzoso

LUIS ADELANTADO GALLERY. Elige todo [Choose everything]. Carlos Fernández-Pello. From March 24rd to May 6th

The artist Carlos Fernández-Pello resorts to recycling as a method through which to question the consumption of a novelty that is based on the constant reappropriation of facts, theories, places and creations, which do not cease to be because they have been and continue to be in the drift of the present. From a healthy ecological attitude, classic genres such as landscape or still life present painting as an unfinished process, that of the avant-garde itself.

Photo. Carlos Fernández-Pello

Artist Talk with the artist Ting-Ting Cheng. 5.05 at 19:00h

ROSA SANTOS GALLERY. Carta de Quebrados [Broken Colour Chart]. Chema López. From March 23rd to May 20th

In Broken Colour Chart, the artist Chema López questions contemporary identity as a construct subject to permanent revision. Desde sus pinturas, el artista aborda los parámetros que normalizan la pertenencia a un lugar o a un colectivo, sin otras consideraciones que las del registro de una imagen-dato como una fuente excluyente de cualquier otra consideración.


SET ESPAI D’ART. Animal lamina. Isidro Ferrer. From April 1st to June 6th

As a cabinet of curiosities, the designer Isidro Ferrer proposes in this exhibition a large mural created with all kinds of techniques (assemblages, collages, drawings, etc.), arranged to hunt down a universe of fabled beings. An animal house that is none other than the one that accommodates our lifestyles and ways of relating to the world, that of strangeness.

SHIRAS GALLERY. TresorAnna Herrgott, Jens Gussek, Jesse Magee, Ibrahim Erdogan y Judith Röder. Until May 6th

The exhibition Tresor brings together the work of five different artists to highlight, not without irony, our desire to preserve the value of things no matter how insignificant or absurd they may often seem. Thus, the presented works seek to amputate any relationship between objects and words with uses and meanings, between sculptures, photographs and other media that use as their background the act of looking in another way through the large glass.


VANGAR GALLERY. La repetición [The repetition]. Pol Pinto. From April 29th to June 25th

Pol Pintó resorts to movement as a possibility of permanent action and reaction to what we see. In the exhibition The repetition, the artist approaches, from the parameters of the reductive that comes from the conjunction of the minimal and the abstract, a series of canvases and papers in which he limits the fixation of the gesture and the line. A performance willing to generate tensions in the peaceful look of things.


 Monumento [Monument]. Matías Ercole. Until the 17th of June

Matías Ercole presents a vision in the chimerical construction of a landscape. Monument is a declaration of intent in the desire to make out the unfathomable. In his large wallpapered canvases, a varied iconography emerges from a landscape, always in the background, on which the deformation of the natural is based. It is episodic painting, understood as a great scenographic space in which both the formality of Futurism and the perplexity of Surrealism intervene.


La Mercería. Scapeland. Pedro Kouba. Until the 17th of June

In the Scapeland project, Pedro Kouba presents one of the obsessions that have occupied his painting in recent years: the crisis of seeing. To this end, he resorts to a type of painting in which figuration fills everything, to the point of losing sight of it. Wrapping, plastic and adhesive tapes blind the possibility of seeing beyond and, in this way, what is seen, and the image to which it calls, places us in a space of uncertainty that forces us to open our eyes to paralyse the celerity to which contemporary forms of communication subject us.