“Today is tomorrow” activities program. February – March 2023

The following exhibitions are contemplated, as we have pointed out in the introductory text, within the framework of LAVAC’s collaboration with València Capital del Diseño 2022. This selection responds to the criteria promoted by New European Bauhaus (NEB) from broad creative perspectives. Sustainability, inclusion and diversity, participation and collectivity or innovation, among others, are issues addressed by the programme of exhibitions and activities put forward by the galleries, whose selection we will highlight here according to a monthly programme.


  • Rosa Santos Gallery. La sangre, los ojos o el ramillete [The blood, the eyes or the corsage]. Sandra Mar. 03.03.2023 – 28.04.2023
  • Set Espai d’Art. Paisaje [Landscape]. Ana Esteve Llorens. 20.01.2023 – 11.03.2023
  • Jorge López Gallery. Un état sauvage. Crashing Windows. Guillaume Cabantous. 03.02.2023 – 31.03.2023

ROSA SANTOS GALLERY. La sangre, los ojos o el ramillete [The blood, the eyes or the corsage]. Sandra Mar. 03.03.2023 – 28.04.2023

Sandra Mar, in this her first solo exhibition, resorts to materials such as ceramics, goldsmithing or jewellery to take sculpture to a place apart. Her works are presented in minimal stages, as small constellations of things in which the handicraft leads the technical procedures to expand in multiple directions. In this way, the physicality of the materials, without hiding their natural vulnerability, becomes eloquent and is strengthened when it narrows its alliance with other materials, acquiring other forms or incorporating writing, to give rise to the story of the everyday.


SET ESPAI D’ART . Paisaje [Landscape]. Ana Esteve Llorens. 20.01.2023 – 11.03.2023

With the exhibition Landscape, Ana Esteve Llorens resorts, as is common in her work, to artisanal procedures linked to textile materials. Raw threads, collected and found, such as cotton, jute and hemp, combined with others such as cotton, constitute the basis of this artist’s action and with which she rewrites a diary in which time acquires another dimension. Taken by Esteve Llorens to fit into sculptural configurations and photographs, these threads end up giving rise to a relational weft in which personal and collective stories are woven. Places, people, moments and journeys intertwine to cover us with the fragile layer of memory in the construction of the present.


JORGE LÓPEZ GALLERY.  Un état sauvage. Crashing Windows. Guillaume Cabantous. 03.02.2023 – 31.03.2023

The exhibition Un état sauvage. Crashing Windows by Guillaume Cabantous is a metaphor for the contemporary world based on the use of waste material. Consumption, speed and destruction are some of the references among which his sculptures move. Thus, starting from the window of a car as a place from which to watch a fast-moving world go by, the artist shatters the glass from which we look, to anchor it in another place, that of stopping. Different planes of car glass thus attain an organic configuration by bending, squeezing or falling. In this process of humanisation, the glass opens up into a thousand pieces, erasing the transparency it served and acquiring a fatal function, that of showing things in a different way to how they appear to be from a car window.