Cañada Blanch 2022 Award

In 2022 we celebrate the 8th edition of the Premi Col-lecció Cañada Blanch. A biennial initiative promoted by LAVAC, the Cañada Blanch Foundation, the Universitat de València and the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Award-winning work
Fuentesal Arenillas with the work entitled Jarife IV (un paseo con Kike y Alex) I,II 2020 Canvas, rag, pins on stretched canvas and sapele wood. 234 x 104 x 12 cm (each), proposed by the Luis Adelantado gallery, wins the Premi Col·lecció Cañada Blanch 2022.

Theme of the exhibition
The exhibition proposal for this eighth edition is entitled “Doing and undoing, thinking with your hands”. The works presented this year, although they deal with different issues of concern today, curiously respond to a similar way of approaching artistic practice, showing a great interest in working processes and experimentation with materials.

Touching the material, the tools, making, thinking, looking, undoing, remaking and playing with the freedom of those who are not afraid of doing and undoing, in order to establish a dialogue between practice and thought, between procedure and concept. Making with the hands as a way of thinking and approaching creative practice. This is the way of approaching the creative process of some of the artists in this exhibition. And although undoing is the opposite of doing, here, doing and undoing are DOING. Doing, undoing and doing again is nothing but evolution. Because, sometimes, going back is the best way to move forward.

The jury for this edition was composed of Beatriz Espejo, art critic; Elena Vozmediano, art critic; Esther Alba Pagán, Vice-Rector for Culture and Society at the University of Valencia; Mª Salomé Cuesta Valera, Vice-Rector for Art, Science, Technology and Society; Juan Viña, President of the Cañada Blanch Foundation; Paula Sánchez, Director of the Cañada Blanch Foundation; and Eva Sandoval, member of the Cañada Blanch Foundation Board of Trustees.

Participating galleries
19 galleries from the Comunitat Valenciana: Luis Adelantado, Aural Galeria, Galeria Benlliure, Jorge López Gallery, Canem Galeria, Rosa Santos, Gallery Cuatro, IB ISABEL BILBAO Art Gallery, Gabinete de Dibujos, Gallery Vangar, House of Chappaz, Alba Cabrera Art Contemporani, Shiras Galeria, Galeria Thema, La Merceria, Espai Nivi Coll Blanch, The Liminal, SET Espai d’Art, Tuesday to Friday

Curated by
The exhibition is curated by Sara Vilar García, lecturer at the UPV in the Faculty of Fine Arts.