Cañada Blanch 2017 Award

We consolidated our commitment to culture with the 4th edition of the Acquisition Award, the result of the joint work of the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of the Valencian Community, LaVAC, a mediator between Valencian society and artistic production, the Vice-rectorate of Culture and Equality of the University of Valencia, as a space for critical thought, linked to the reality of Valencia and the protection of heritage, and the Cañada Blanch Foundation, from a firm support for research and social debate and the arts.

 Thirteen galleries are participating in this exhibition: Luis Adelantado, Galería9, Rosa Santos, Alba Cabrera, Set Espai d’Art, Espai Tactel, Plastic Murs, Galería Thema, Galería PazyComedias, Area 72, Pepita Lumier, Mr. Pink and Shiras. Each gallery contributes two works to the exhibition.

 From the total of 26 works, Vicky Uslé receives the IV Premio Adquisición Fundación Cañada Blanch, with the untitled work made in mixed technique on paper is presented by the Espai Tactel gallery. This piece is now part of our collection.pation of the Universitat Politécnica de Valencia with a curator, this year Ricardo Forriols.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es Premi-Premi-Col·lecció-Cañada-Blanch-_-2017-1024x400.jpg

A committee was formed to select this award: Elena Vozmediano, Carlos Delgado Mayordomo, Juan Viña, Manel Costa, Vicente Rodríguez Esparza, Norberto Piqueras and Paula Sánchez.