Valencian Community
Contemporary Art Galleries

The Association

LAVAC, Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of the Valencian Community, is currently composed of 18 galleries distributed between Valencia, Alicante and Castellón. Its main objective is to promote the work of Spanish artists in an international context, as well as to show the production of foreign artists in the Valencian environment.

LAVAC, and the galleries that compose it, have generated a cultural fabric around contemporary art serving as a platform for both emerging and established artists and contributing to the enhancement of current art. The regular exhibition programme, as well as the events it manages, offers collectors, potential buyers and the interested public a wide variety of proposals.

Board of Governors


Rosa Santos (Rosa Santos)

Vice President

Begoña Martínez (Galería Aural)


Reyes Martínez (SET espai d’art)


Ignacio Bofarull (Galería La Mercería)

Jorge López (Galería Punto)

Our goal is to introduce the work of
Spanish artists in an international context.