FestIN is a gastro-cultural festival that takes place in emblematic places of the city where attendees can enjoy art and gastronomy at the same time. Each space will offer a different proposal with the aim of creating a calendar of events that, as a whole, will serve to bring art and culture closer in a different way, give greater prominence to the cultural spaces of the city of Valencia that participate in this edition and offer the public different experiences.

In 2023 the participating galleries are: Set Espai d’Art, Rosa Santos Gallery, Jorge López Gallery, Gabinete de dibujos, Ana Serratosa Gallery and Shiras Gallery.

3rd February

Shiras Galería / "Click" with the best cocktail of Iván Talents

Shiras Galería invites you to enter the world of cocktails inspired by ‘Click’, the new visual proposal by contemporary artist Sebastián Nicolau. An exhibition of non-existent landscapes, made up of different landscapes combined or modified to create spaces that are supposedly real, which you will be able to explore with the artist. Painting and drawing on works made with digital and photographic tools in a connection that will not leave you indifferent.

The event will feature Iván Talents, bartender in charge of preparing and introducing us to the pleasures of this eclectic drink.

7th February

Set espai d'art, Rosa Santos, Jorge López / Walk with 3 with Carito Lourenço

An amazing tandem between Carito Lourenço, Michelin star chef at Fierro, and the galleries Jorge López, Rosa Santos and SET Espai d’art. A guided tour through the three galleries, where her artistic proposal is transferred by the prestigious Argentinean chef to different dishes designed expressly for the occasion, which will be harmonised with Valencian wines.

The experience begins at the Jorge López gallery, continues at the Rosa Santos gallery and ends at Set Espai d’Art.

9th February

Gabinete de dibujos / Gender issues through play

The Gabinete de dibujos gallery proposes a preview of the exhibition Juegos Reunidos [Gathered Games] by the artist Manuel Antonio Domínguez and an informal tasting dinner/pairing by Miquel Ruiz, chef at Baret de Miquel in Dénia. The meeting point between the complex creations of both creators will be the empathy of memory: the emotional participation in other memories related to food in the case of Miquel; and the memory of the Juegos Reunidos, common to the childhood of the 70s and 80s, in the case of Manuel.

9th February

Ana Serratosa Gallery / Musical Intemperies + cava tasting

Experience an incredible tour through the three venues of the gallery Ana Serratosa to discover its latest project: “Intemperies Musicales” by the artist Roberto Pugliese and curated by Pedro Medina. The tour will start in Cabillers Street 5, then we will move by bus to Vicente Beltrán Grimal Street 26 and finally to the last venue in Pascual y Genís Street 19, where we will finish the evening with a cava tasting by Bodegas Hispano-Suizas.