Abierto València 2014

On September 24th, the second edition of “Abierto Valencia” will take place, an event organized by LaVAC, on the occasion of the joint opening of the beginning of the artistic season of the galleries that are part of the association.

With a special schedule and accompanied by a cocktail offered by each gallery, visitors will be able to enjoy the opening of the exhibition season and the presentation of more than 300 works by national and international artists for the Open Valencia free of charge.

On September 26th and 27th “Arco Gallery Walk” will take place to learn about the history and life of the galleries.

With each edition, “Abierto Valencia” aims to become an unmissable event that attracts collectors, art lovers, experts, critics, curators, artists but also aims to make its name known through, precisely, the approach of art in an open and simple way to the general public.