From 16 May to 13 July 2014. Centre del Carme, Valencia. VER VISIONES . Reinterpreting this is a draft LaVAC (Association of Contemporary Art Galeries of the Valencian Comunity) curated by José Luis Álvaro Pérez Pont and Los Angeles. After selection of 21 artists represented by galleries LaVAC members, and invitations to 10 art critics of Valencia, made ​​a tour that reinterprets this through a symbolic dialogue between the works of the artists and some items highlights of CIS barometer last review. In the words of the organizers: “The intention is to generate VER VISIONES a journey that, by itself, build a story within the space of the Centre del Carme, of historical and architecturally significant presence connotations. The artists have been grouped into nine pairs, occupying the room Goerlich and eight chapels on both sides of the Ferreres Chamber, in a group of three along the corridor of the latter. In turn, each of these pairings has been linked with one or several of the issues studied in the latest CIS poll, creating a dual relationship: the artists together, whose ties match criteria of both closeness as disparity, and these with the topic selected sociological survey.

The circle closes with the texts made ​​by linking ten critical, from his subjective position, each of the groups of artists and their associated issues. For all these reasons, the narrative resulting from this selection of works – and – so its route does not meet the pre-established approach, middle and end criteria, continue with the literary metaphor, but rather builds his speech with small independent accounts (or even poetic compositions ) that pooled and on stage, live and create, in turn, new and unexpected spatial relationships retreats narratives. Since its genealogy, the project has been proposed as the main argument the claim to generate “visions” for the purposes of facilitating the imagination of new scenarios between art, society and politics. One possible version of these visions is offered here, leading a meeting with the public and wishing they pocket the conclusion. “